External Database User Authenticator and Manager for Serv-U FTP Server




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Current version is 2.1.4

Before contacting the technical support, please review the user forum and FAQ sections. Answer to many common questions are found there.

After reviewing these sections if you still have not found your answer, contact the support.

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Minimum System requirements:

  • Serv-u FTP Server Version 2.5 Release k or above*
  • Everything that Serv-u FTP Server needs
  • If using Microsoft access database:
           full permissions to the access mdb file
  • Check that you have ADO installed. The simplest way to check this would be to do the following: Go to start->search->files and folders, and search for msado15.dll (or msado*.dll)

This software has been tested with versions 2.5K, 4.0, 4.01, 5.0

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