External Database User Authenticator and Manager for Serv-U FTP Server




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Current version is 2.1.4

Version 1.3

First public release.
Introduced quota management.

Version 1.4

Bug fixes:
Problem with quota has now been fixed. Serv-u correctly receives the current and max quota.

Version 1.5

Features added:
Introducing Migration Wizard.  You can now import your users from Serv-u ini file to Serv-U ODBC Professional’s Database.

Bug fixes:

Version 1.6

Bug fixes:
Registering on-line no longer hides registered user’s name.

Version 2.0

New name. External Database User Manager is now Serv-U ODBC Professional.

New features added:

  • New cleaner interface for easier navigation.
  • Supports any ODBC database. No longer limited to Microsoft Access.
  • Webupdate. You can check and download the newest version of the Serv-U ODBC Professional from its own interface.
  • set a date for any user to be either disabled or expired. Disabled account name and all information is still in the database, while an expired account will be removed completely.



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