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Current version is 2.1.7

Netstar is pleased to introduce the Serv-U ODBC Professional. An external ODBC database user authenticator and manager for Serv-U.

For years Serv-U stays to be top performer Windows FTP server in the market. As a matter of fact our netServer series of ISP servers, has always incorporated this FTP server as an essential part of it.

Serv-U ODBC Professional not only allows Serv-U to use an external database for authentication, but also allows you to control nearly every supported aspect of Serv-U users. You can automate the creation and deletion of users using your own in house program or let Serv-U ODBC Professional to do the housekeeping for you.

Serv-U ODBC Professional’s interface resembles the Serv-U version 2.x user management GUI style for simplicity, familiarity and ease of use. Of course Serv-U ODBC Professional is 100% compatible with Serv-U FTP server version 2.x to current 5.0.

Serv-U ODBC Professional and its dll co-exist with internal serv-u users or can be a replacement. This means that you can have all or parts of your users assigned to the Serv-U ODBC Professional. Neither Serv-U nor Serv-U ODBC Professional have reported any problems using this setting.



Graphical user management interface

Control, add, modify or delete users and all aspects of their access supported by Serv-U, from one  Graphical interface.

Microsoft Access, SQL or any ADO compatible back-end database

Industry standard database software allows you to incorporate your users database in SQL or Access.
Use your custom programs to access and modify any databse fields.

Access Verification  dll written in C++

Solid, fast code allows Serv-U to function as fast as its own internal user settings from its ini file.

Unlimited users

No licensing fees, use it for as many users as you may have.

Web update

Serv-U ODBC Professional can check for the latest releases of the program, download and install the updates automatically.

Detailed Manual

A short yet complete manual with detailed information about database structure.

Migration Wizard

Helps you import your users settings from Serv-U’s ini file to Serv-U ODBC Professional’s database with a few clicks.

Automatic account expiration    

You can make Serv-U ODBC Professional remember the date for one or many users, and expire or disable their account automatically. Great for making temporary or demo accounts.

Co-existance of accounts in Serv-U internal file and Serv-U ODBC Professional’s database

This setting allows you to keep some or all of your users in Serv-U, Serv-U ODBC Professional or both.

Download a 14 days evaluation version here.
Download or View Serv-U ODBC Professional’s Manual (Adobe pdf format).
Support and FAQ pages can be accessed here.

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